ERERAS Arquitectos was established in 2009 in San Juan Puerto Rico, specializing on contemporary design. Offering a high level service, based upon an understanding of architecture as an intellectual and practical endeavor.


In the process of building and creating architecture, ERERAS Arquitectos has evolved into a design and entrepreneaurial office, aiming at well-developed conceptual and spatial proposals, as well as contextual and innovative technological solutions for different circumstances -beyond the architectural scope-. We believe this balance can be acheived through  “the intelligence of design”, aided and complemented along economic needs.


Our endeavor is to satisfy the client’s expectations and necessities by providing innovative, yet practical solutions. Likewise, our approach is not about imposing a single vision upon any specific project, but rather engaging in a collaborative design and consultative process to conceive all the possibilities available to facilitate the emergence of a particular and appropriate response to the unique challenges of a project.


We offer our clients the flexibility to work on very small detailed architecture projects, as well on full-service, master planning, and interior design projects. Aside from the basic services of design, construction documents and construction management, we offer additional services that include site feasibility analysis, program development, 3-D Modeling and graphic design.