LOCATION: San Juan, Puerto Rico


YEAR: 2009




CLIENT: Private

The remodeling of a single family residence in the urbanization of Alto Apolo, a mid-end residential neighborhood from the 60's, required an intelligent approach towards the existing house, The clientl had a very limited budget and required the remodeling of all the common living areas, including a new kitchen, the facade and entrance stairs in order to provide a new roof for the entrance-way.


Our proposal takes advantage of modern vocabularies of the existing house and it becomes important for us to intervene surgically. Cleaning the architecture through the removal of previous additions that contrasted with the house's clean vocabulary. First. We decided to emphasize the horizontality of the house and thus extending the existing 30 feet overhanging balcony 5 feet in each direction. This horizontal volume, and a new wall that encloses a private courtyard, visually slide pass each other as the mass of the facade dematerializes. In the balcony a simple screen encloses de volume with a very subtle color palette that was applied in order to bring some playfulness into the otherwise very sober facade.