Interior 2
Interior Through Wall



LOCATION: Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus


YEAR: 2016 




Client: Private


The CRIIAS project looks to create and promote the integration between student and teacher, defying traditional pedagogy. Through this space, the project wishes to create an open and transparent environment that provides an opportunity for collaboration and dialogue between students and faculty. It encourages investigation, problem-solving, innovation, and the search for new knowledge.


The CRIIAS space  comprises of open spaces, free of visual physical barriers. Its spaces also have natural lighting, and generous height. The project also contains modifiable spaces for interaction between students and faculty


CRIIAS is a project that is conceived as a resource that serves not only the Department of Natural Sciences, but one that can also be accessible to all of the university's learning community. CRIIAS is the first space of its kind in Puerto Rico, and can be implemented as a blueprint and paradigm for other faculties, campuses, and colleges that wish to follow this new path that generates collaborative investigation.