LOCATION: Caguas, Puerto Rico


YEAR: 2014-2016     


DESIGNER: ERERAS Arquitectos, PSC + The Arc Development Group / Carlos Castillo Matos


CLIENT: Galería Urbana, LLC

Galeria Urbana is a multifamily housing project for social interest residents, located in the urban center of Caguas. The proposed building consists of 1 O levels with etawlspaces.,administrative area, reeteational areas, 112 parking spaces and 107 single-family apartments (15 one bedroom, 57 two bedrooms. 35 three bedrooms). The front yard of the building, facing the Or. Goyco street. is conceived as an extension of the sidewalk and is roofed with domes creating a continuous arch to the street to provide a safe and pleasant pedestrian space. The second level of the building provides the residents with a laundry and storage area as well as 7 housing apartments. Levels 3 through 10 are for the remaining 100 apartments. At level 10. a recreational space with an activity room and a communal garden is also provided for the residents.


The project will promote the permanent stay of residents in the area creating a safer and friendlier environment. This project combined with the integration of a network of green spaces and gardens, which the city plans, will make a more secure and dynamic urban center area that will encourage greater use of public transportation and the surrounding areas.