LOCATION: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


YEAR: 2009        


PARTNERS: ERERAS Arquitectos +

Arq. Arnaldo Sánchez


CLIENT: Private

The Ortiz-Caban Residence (a remodeling of an ongoing new construction house designed by others) was conceived as a work of editing rather than adding. At the time the client called us, the foundations for the whole house and the walls of the two front bedrooms and the master bedroom already existed, it was then determined that our area of intervention was mainly limited to the living and dining areas.


We added one more bedroom, a terrace and a pool· as requested by the client and relocated the family from the entrance to the private quarters of the house. Our design goal was to add as much character to the space as possible in order to convert this -non-descript copy-cut model house- into a complete architectural proposal capable of providing the clients with the spatial openness and quality they required. Using a simple vocabulary and a very limited material palette that work well in the tropics, such as aluminum jalousies to allow ventilation, exposed concrete ceilings in the skylights, and plain walls painted white. We also restricted the views to the surrounding neighbors as much as possible without losing light. The facade consisted of a curtain like screen wall made out of stainless steel flat bars rotating on its vertical axis, which was designed to provide privacy to the front terrace and the dining room.